Well, I had every intention of writing this post weeks ago, but for some reason, time slips away from me 🙂

Each year I pray about a word that is going to define my year. A word that will shape me, a concept that I feel like the Lord wants to work with me on. This year the word that kept coming to mind was rhythm. After each child, things get a little crazy around here. I’m sure you mommas understand. The first three months are pure survival. Feed, eat, change clothes, make sure everyone feels loved, and try to sleep. I knew this would be the case with adding the third child, but the knowledge did not necessarily make it easier for me. Being type A, I desire to have things in order at all times. So, there were a lot of times of surrender and release of perceived control as I just let things happen. I am thankful that the Lord has really worked on me in this area. Children certainly do teach us how to sacrifice and work towards being selfless.

All this to say, I felt like it was time for us to reestablish what a rhythm would look like for us this year. Some of the main rhythms I wanted to work towards were:

-Morning Rhythm

-Evening Rhythm

-Weekly Rhythms

-Rhythms of being diligent with drinking water and taking our herbs

-Quiet Time Rhythms

-Serving Together as a Family Rhythm

-Cleaning Rhythms

-Rhythms of Rest

-Grocery Shopping Rhythms

To me, the process of streamlining our home meant that we are able to function in a healthier way and to better steward our resources.

The first area I felt we needed to tackle was our morning and evening rhythms. Over the summer we let go of bedtimes and it really began to affect the dynamic of our evenings. Sleep was not happening! And the mornings were just chaotic as each child woke up at different times and I felt like I could never keep up once the morning got away from me. So, I made these handy sheets to hang on the girls door. Though they are not perfect and we have had to adjust already, they are loving them! They love to read what comes next and have started to know what the rhythm is without referencing them.


We have seen HUGE growth in our evenings. Each night we have worked to be more intentional with settling down and easing into bedtime rather than just hurriedly throwing them in our beds which is what we are used to doing. So, we have been making Chamomile Tea, eating toast and butter (load them up with good fats), reading a story by candlelight, praying, blowing the candle out, and going to bed. Falling asleep is not taking nearly as long and they are staying in their bed for the most part. It’s been wonderful for all parties. Not every night is perfect, but we have definitely seen a positive change in our girls with the rhythm being enacted.

I think that has been the most beneficial part of this for me: seeing what works for our family and then seeing our girls thrive. They are high energy girls who need lots of time to wind down, and instead of meeting those needs before, we grew frustrated and exasperated. It has brought me joy to support them in the ways that they desire but cannot necessarily express.

Mornings have become easier as well. The biggest change in mindset for me was having granola or trail mix for them to snack on before I can get to making breakfast. They typically wake up at separate times and I was feeling exhausted trying to keep up with each of them and myself and not wanting to cook breakfast until everyone was awake but continually hearing “I’m hungry!” This has worked well in curbing their appetite until I have it together enough to cook breakfast.

Another chart I made was for my cleaning routine and drinking water! Clean Mama is a great resource for printables for this area. This rhythm is not coming naturally yet, but I am thankful to have a platform to work from.


I am truly excited for growth in our rhythms this year. What rhythms do you have that works for you?


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