Meal Planning Winter 2018

One of my big goals for before C came was to have this meal plan done. I️ started it but never finished! We have been blessed with meals since he was born three nights a week. Anyone else struggle with cooking in the newborn season? While I️ am so grateful D is more than willing to go out, as in whenever I call him and ask what we should do for dinner his answer is always “go out!,” I am ready to take our nutrition back. We just went through a two week period of sickness and every time we are sick it reminds me of how important taking care of our bodies is. So, in comes this meal plan. I made a plan based on themed nights of the week, found recipes from my favorite bloggers, and then compiled them into a list! That way every week I can simply click on a link, write down the ingredients, and head to the store. Most of the meals on here are paleo and Whole30 Compliant- minus pizza night. This has become a fun night of the week for us to do pizza and a movie. The breakfasts and lunches will be rotated and I am hoping to add one fun recipe a week- just in time for Christmas cookie season. 😊

I wanted to share in case you may be in a rut with cooking, too in hopes that it would encourage you and make life easier for you. I would love to hear your favorite go-to healthy meals!

Monday- Stir Frys

Tuesday- Crockpot/Instant Pot

Wednesday- Soups, Chilis


Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Out- Date Night or Family Night

Sunday- Comfort Food

◦ Roasted Chicken and Veggies


◦ Oatmeal

◦ Eggs and Bacon/Chicken Sausage

Lunch Ideas

◦ PB and J


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