Day 21

Today I was given the opportunity to remember the story that sparked this whole challenge

I stepped out of the shower today to see Madison smiling. I very quickly realized, however, that I was also hearing was dripping water.

And I knew.

See, M has become very fascinated by our water jug lately.


She loves to fill up her dog bowl and “feed” her stuffed animals, her Mickey figurines, even herself.


Well today she filled it up and then never shut the water off. It kept on coming.

Now, I wish I could say I did what the woman did who originally gave me this idea- laugh and take a picture instead of getting mad.

No, I just got mad. I do not do so well in high stress situations.

But, as I was in the middle of being mad, I was quickly reminded- there is joy in this too.

There is joy in the pool on your kitchen floor. Seriously. I tried to lay towels down and the water just spread further.


Thankfully I was given this reminder. Because as I took these pictures, the joy was evident.

Dan often says to me, “I know her personality is hard to keep up with, but I am so excited to be the people that helps her steer it. She is going to do great things.”

That is the truth I was reminded of as I stared at these towels:

A. She is just a toddler exploring her world.
B. Her personality rocks and I cannot wait to see the woman she grows into.

This definitely was not the post I intended to write today, but I am grateful to find joy in circumstances I did not expect- even if they are mundane.

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